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We are Antioch!

We are poised for great growth and change, and I would like to be a part of that transition. There is a passion and a tenacity in Antioch’s residents. Together we can do anything. 

Community Engagement

The heart of Antioch is its people. Antioch is rich with diversity, and I want to build bridges amongst our cultures to create effective relationships moving forward. The time has come to stop operating in silos and come together and demonstrate the strength of community. As your representative, I will be focused on working together to fight the stigma of crime and apathy, that is all too often incorrectly associated with Antioch. The people of Antioch care about this community and it’s future! Our strength lies in building that future, inclusive of all of the cultural input that is at our disposal. The breath of those experiences is the foundation of Antioch!


Economic Development

We are the fastest growing area in Nashville! With that growth comes the need for infrastructure and commerce. Antioch is, and always has been resilient, surviving the recession and the closing of many of our small businesses, major chain retail and restaurants. We need access once again to retail in our backyard, and business is starting to boom in the Southeast. And growth does NOT mean destruction! As your representative, I want to maintain the small businesses that are here now, the ones that are part of the fabric of Antioch, while expanding our variety of stores. Now is the time for us to rebuild, bigger and better than before! In 2020, the Tanger Outlets will break ground in Century Farms. From the small independent business owner, to brand name retail, let us make sure that they are the first of many quality retail outlets that will bring additional revenue and revitalization to our community!


Antioch is beautiful place to go hiking, canoeing, see a movie or have a picnic! That is what I love about Antioch, the variety of things to do outdoors. Let’s make and keep it clean. With community clean up days that focus on trash collection, and general upkeep of our common areas, we are creating a legacy for the future! And sidewalks! Let’s continue bring sidewalks to Antioch to stay safe along our roadways and get some exercise. They also keep our children out of harm’s way while walking along the roads. Keeping our community clean and beautiful draws people to Antioch and it contributes to our overall equity. With our new greenway, Mill Park Run in process, we want to make all of Antioch a place anyone would be proud to call home!